live at the water circle 13​.​12​.​2007 (enhanced)

by old sarge

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live at the water circle, 13.12.2007 (enhanced)

live tracks and studio interludes...enhanced, maybe...turd polished, certainly...

recorded live at the hfx Ltd xmas party, 13.12.2007

01 intro: repeat to infinity
02 you can fucking dance if you want to (live)
03 tune up interlude 1: crystal clear constellations
04 low winter sun (live)
05 tune up interlude 2: fucked up country song
06 foolish golden jam (live) *1
07 tune up interlude 3: such a deviant/all night long
08 378 miles blues (live)
09 tune up interlude 4: and I just shake my head/howbadsoonbabyislivenow *2
10 midnight oil (live)
11 tune up interlude 5: the dust that gathers in clumps/musique pour un film francais
12 dials of symmetry (live) *3
13 tune up interlude 6: icicles in sunshine/editors 'bullets' (os feedback chorus) *4
14 trojan horse (live) *5
15 outro: little birds vs os 'dark stars' (post-punk drum'n'bass) (fade out) *6

*1 with samples from: stone roses 'fools gold'
*2 with samples from: pil 'bad baby' (live) the smiths 'how soon is now'
*3 with samples of the drumming of dave grohl from: nirvana 'scentless apprentice' nin 'with teeth'
*4 a remix of: editors 'bullets'
additional audio, mixing and production: old sarge
*5 with samples of the drumming of josh freese from: nin 'hyperpower!'
with a sample of the voice of jimi hendrix
*6 a reinvention of the original track: little birds 'dark stars'
additional audio, guitars, mixing and production: old sarge
with audio from the movie: 'naked lunch'

old sarge: guitars, effects, beats, programming, post-production turd polishing, vox

old sarge acknowledges the authorised and unauthorised use of third party audio and/or samples in this sound recording

old sarge acknowledges the intellectual property rights and original copyright of the artists and parties involved in creating the audio and/or samples he has used in this sound recording

old sarge welcomes the copying and free distribution of this music on a strictly not for profit basis

copyright © 2009 the original artist(s), brian thomson an erratic monkey production emp0003

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released November 3, 2009




old sarge UK

old sarge...a source of hearing damage, since 1971...

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Track Name: tune up interlude 3
such a deviant
one look corrupts
the rising sun

curdles breast milk
with the flick
of a tongue

vomit inducing philosophy
pisses in the
face of decency

open your mouth
utter verbal excrement
flows out incessantly

a little harsh
perhaps you know
who you are

when the revolution
comes you're first
against the wall

I've arranged and
polished these bullets
especially for you

don't I right
the wrongs now
write the rules?

surprised I find
myself up against
the wall too
Track Name: tune up interlude 4
agnostics can be found
sat astride the transparent wall
that separates the punters
rolling naked in heaven's clover
from the massed ranks of atheists
who are naturally surprised
but know their place
their necks are craned
as they file past the gates
enquiring gazes are met
with friendly shouts and waves
acquaintances are recognised
eyebrows are raised
and quizzical half-smiles
are etched on each and every face

and I just shake my head
almost imperceptibly
and move on with the rest
Track Name: tune up interlude 5
as we changed the sheets today
I found my lost libido
in the dust that gathers in clumps
under the bed
quivering next to an errant sock
they huddled together for a little warmth
I'd previously reported it awol, astray
missing presumed dead
(I've heard it said and I've read
that's how the solar system formed,
you know - gas, dust, odd socks
and lost libido)
Track Name: tune up interlude 6
these feelings
are like
icicles solar
just melting
inconsequential moisture
telepathically coupled
unconsummated flesh
yielding to
imagined temptations
not permitted
also uninvented
nonetheless enticing
deluded contemplations
yes when
attention received
naked imagination
goes unchecked